I Hate


I hate the way you smile,
I hate the way you make me smile,
I hate the way you make me feel,
I hate the way you sound when your sleepy.

I hate the way you used to tickle my back,
I hate the way you used to call me baby,
I hate the sparkle in you eyes,
I hate the tenderness in your touch,
I hate the way you could cheer me up.

I hate all those memories we made together,
I hate every song we ever sang to each other.
I hate how hard headed you are,
I hate the movie step up,
I hate the song, a moment like this,
I hate how I cant hate the one I truly loved.

I hate how I loved you,
I hate you in baseball season,
I hate how I used to call you,
I hate that bitch your with,
I hate how hurtful you are,
but the thing I hate most of all,
I hate that I cant hate you.


  1. this is brilliant. i’ve just had a hard break up and it really relates. get in touch if you want to read some of mine

  2. this made me cry,
    because, i hate him.
    but you see, i love him.
    or i dont know,
    i just dont know.
    i try to love the one i loved,
    but i hate the way he hates me,
    and i know that made him hate me,
    so, i hate myself too.
    but i love him more than anything,
    even though he is my worst enemy.

  3. i love this poem, it almost made me cry, it made me think everything you said was sooo so very true , you did a very well job on this, congratulations


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