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I Hate It

I hate how I loved you,
I hate how I felt,
I hate everything you said,
That made my heart melt.

I hate what you did,
I hate how I hurt,
I hate how you left me,
Alone to die in the dirt.

I hate how you said you loved me,
I hate that I thought it was true,
I hate that I let my wall down,
And let myself fall in love with you.

I hate how I was so stupid,
I hate that I fell so hard,
I hate how I let you in,
And watched you steal my heart.

I hate how much you put me through,
I hate how much I cried,
I hate that I don’t understand,
Why you had to lie.

I hate how I try to hate you,
I hate it that I can’t,
I hate it that I miss you,
Even though you don’t.

I hate how I still love you,
I hate how I still care,
But most of all I hate it,
That you are no longer here.


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