He Is Dead


I am scared,
I feel sick,
I close my eyes,
I open them and scream.
I cry inside,
I wait, wait, wait,
The suspense is killing me,
My baby brother is in there.
Dying, dying, dying,
Why don’t they let me see him,
Mom and dad are going to kill me,
I went inside to answer the phone.
Only for one minute,
I brought the phone outside,
I can’t find my baby brother.
Where is he,
Oh no, the pool,
I see him, his cold unconscious body,
I grab him do,
Nothing happened,
I quickly snatch the phone,
From the table.
Dial 911, in a flash they are here,
Now I am in the empty, dark, cold waiting room,
Sitting on the gross, germy couch,
I find about my baby brother,
I turn away and cry, cry, cry
He is dead.


  1. This was a poem that tells sometimes the way i feel but it doesnt happen in real life. this was a great poem to all the young readers.


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