Friendship Never Ends


We were in kindergarten when we became friends,
we made a packed we’d be friends till the end.
playing on the playground swingin’ on the swings,
next thing we know we’d be teens.

Telling secrets, talking about boys,
Growing up, getting rid of all our toys.
Talking to each other on the phone,
Knowing that we’d never be alone.

Your the person I can tell everything,
and you wouldn’t laugh at me when I tried to sing.
I could always be a dork with you,
And you could be a dork with me too.

And even when we had our fights,
Some how we knew everything would be alright.
Ya, sure we had our ups and downs,
We shared our smiles and our frowns.

But no matter what we stayed friends,
You were here through the thick and thin.
I love you more then words can say,
and I wish you never had to go away.

Even though you can’t be here,
I thank God for all the years.
that we got to spend together,
our friendship I will always Treasure!



  1. this poem actually did make me cry cuz i thought of my best friend….she has been there for me sense the day we was born and with out her idk wat i would do….i’d b lost with out her, but now shes having a baby and has a boyfriend i dont feel like she cares for me anymore i feel pushed away cuz the boyfriend is in the picture and she only talks to me wen her bf isnt around and it’s not fair to me if she was a true friend like she swore she was in the begging this wouldnt be a problem, i told my bf tht he’s not going to push her out of my life just to make room for himself…if he was going to be like that then i would be done with him and never speak to him again and he didnt want tht to happen so he’s like i love to have her in the picture and i said good cuz if we ever get married she’ll be ur sister- in- law cuz i count her as my older sister cuz thts how close we were it’s not even funny….but i dont think she counts me like that now sense HER bf has came in the picture….so belle owens if u read this i hope u understand how i feel about this between us.


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