Fairytale Ending

The sun out of sight,
The stars twinkle in the night,
The moon shining bright,
Emitting a fabulous silver light,
My knight in shining armor coming out of the blue,
He slayed the mighty dragon now my dreams have come true!
He’ll plant a kiss on my lips and wake me from this sleep,
He’ll ask my hand in marriage as he sweeps me off my feet.
I wake up from my trans and am disappointed by what I see.
That my fairytale ending was never meant to be.
Instead of a knight is a great big beast,
With a furry body, deadly claws and razor sharp teeth!
Despite his hideous face, he has a heart truly kind,
But seeing the outside before in makes you completely and utterly blind.
Day after day, my love grew stronger,
Until suddenly I burst, I couldn’t take it any longer.
I kissed him, and kissed him as hard as I dared.
And he kissed me right back knowing the love that we shared.
I knew he would love me, because after that passionate kiss,
He became human again, with the softest of lips.
He’d always protect me and never let me fall,
I guess I got the happily ever after that I wanted after all!

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2 Responses on “Fairytale Ending”

Goldilocks says:

Awwwww!!! i <3 ur peoms yazii- their so magical!

post more!

Chesney says:

Its hard to date two people when you know you love them both you cant chooose your hut and confused cause you dont wanna break there hearts can you gusys make a poem that says i cant date you any more

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