Don’t Forget Me

I want you to know one thing.
Eveytime you go to bed,
Aways rest assured that I love you,
And wish I could spend the night with you.
Being away from you is not as I wish.
It makes me long for you.
I want you to know that I will always love you.
I will never forget you and the love that we shared.
I wish our love could go on and on
And get stronger for as long as time can stand.
I know you may forget me as time goes
You may grow tired of my love for you.
If little by little you stop loving me,
I shall stop loving you little by little.
If suddenly you forget me
Do not look for me,
For I shall already have forgotten you,
But your spirit will always be with me.
But I wish you will never forget me,
Or forget the love that we share.
When I look in your shiny sparkling eyes,
I m looking for assurance that you always be with me,
As much as I will always be with you.
I will never forget you and I think you will never forget me too.
When we grow older together,
We will tell tales of our love to our off springs
Let them know of true love.
We will tell them of the struggles that we came about
Defying the odds to keep our love alive.
We will tell tales which our children and their children will never forget,
Tales such as how you never forgot me,
Tales such as how I never forget you.
They will believe because we will still be in love then,
As we are in love now.
They will see it in your eyes,
As it will also be visible to them in mine,
We will never forget our love.

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