Don’t Cry


Don’t cry upon my passing,
I’ve lived a long and satisfying life,
I have raised four beautiful children,
With the most adorning wife.

My life was full of memories,
I shared with each of you,
So do not cry upon my passing,
Remembering will keep you from feeling blue.

My stories will live on forever,
Or as long as you allow them to,
So wipe away those weeping tears,
And remember I love you.

You were always more than relatives,
The best was you were my friend,
I looked forward to your visits,
And the cards that you would send.

On this day of mourning,
Think not of pain and sorrow,
For I am watching over you,
Today and all tomorrows.

This day should be of celebration,
Remembering what use to be,
For I have always cherished you,
As much as you have cherished me.

I will always be there,
Nightly when you pray,
So don’t cry upon my passing,
We’ll be together again someday.

I leave you with a small request,
For all who shared my life,
Please watch over my dear beloved,
My love, my world, my wife.

Life is for the living,
Memories should never die,
Think back on all the time we’ve shared,
And remember, please don’t cry.

Angel Marie Schmidt.



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