Anger is not love,
Anger is drinking,
Anger is killing someone,
Anger one thing never do,
Love, anger love not anger,
Anger is ramming you head through a glass door.

When your are man you do stupid things,
Stupid things that are stupid,
When mad you don’t feel nothing,
Anger we all have,
Anger you cant change.

When mad stays,
Stay away from everyone,
Anger can kill because you do stupid things,
When mad sleep,
Anger just anger,


  1. My rage is cracking walls behind me,
    i look aside and hearts tear up and follow me,
    i gave up my life and all i get is tragedy,
    a mellow sound of depressed calls will answer my insanity,
    i look at stars and they fall from the sky,
    thumbling down and letting everybody die,
    slam a head into the wall to let me fly,
    and split my soul; a cry of “why?”
    walk in the fire and i’ll spit a tornado instead,
    kill you, chop your head and leave em stuck on your granma’s bed.
    my cruelty to level six i shall die in a moment,
    you tought i was weak but to all im the greatest torment,
    bring you agony and let you die slow,
    cut your face and let you be my show,
    i enjoy to watch you bleed and a killers ‘caz a killers mind i grow.


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