Anger is a result of fear,
A result of heartache and tears.
Anger causes pain,
Which in the end will remain.

Hidden in the past,
It all came out last.
For waiting to long,
Would cause the suffering to go on.

And in the end,
Hopefully all the anger will be gone,
And forgiving would be granted.

To the pain, suffering, tears and fear that they started,
Forgetting won’t be easy,
But in the end you will sleep peacefully,
With the comfort of knowing.

It is better talking about the problems than any showing,
And later on, All will be said and done.
The anger and everything else will be over,
I’ll be by my maker, who will offer me a shoulder,
To cry, to scream all the hurt within
Won’t solve anything.

And in the end to rise, towards the skies,
To see the gates,
Where my Lord Jesus awaits.


  1. hey lee john can i borrow this for a song i’m making.. i’m doing christian rap and its about anger i just need to borrow a few lines from here


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