After Marriage


Before marriage she used to keep me handsomely like a king on her lids;
dancing them every now and again to rejuvenate my overwhelmingly harried senses,
While after marriage she hardly opened her eyes;
kept sleeping like an untamed monster all day; despite the most passionate of my appeals.

Before marriage she harbored me like the most prized ring on her finger;
scrubbing it umpteenth number of times with the ointment of her sensuous love,
While after marriage she locked her ornament in her dilapidated rusty safe;
leaving me in the realms of obsolete oblivion to contend with the dust and demons.

Before marriage she possessed me like a cherished rose in vase of her heart;
harnessing me with the crimson blood that flowed profusely through her veins,
While after marriage she ruthlessly ripped me apart;
left me to decay with the stinking pile of garbage and the sweeper blowing me in nonchalant disdain; with the bristles of his threadbare broomstick.

Before marriage she chanted my name infinite times in a single minute;
refraining to commence any activity without its irrefutably sacred presence on her lips,
While after marriage she stared like a complete stranger into my innocuous eyes;
austerely asking who I indeed was with an unheard abuse.

Before marriage she offered me a place to sit;
even if that meant that she stood for mind-boggling hours on the trot,
While after marriage she sat on top of me with her battalion of fat friends;
started to thunderously laugh without the slightest of gasp or respite.

Before marriage she remained starved till the time I didn’t eat;
famishing her dainty persona to unprecedented limits till the moment I fed her the first morsel of food with my very own fingers,
While after marriage she finished breakfast; lunch; dinner at a single shot;
made me run for my life before she decided to set her gigantic intentions on my robust skin.

Before marriage she hummed mesmerizing tunes in my ear before I went off to sleep;
blessing my dreary countenance with divinely reinvigoration and celestial peace.
While after marriage she woke me the very next instant with her volcanic flurry of snores;
commanded me to stand guard on the shivering gate to guard her until she awoke sometime past brilliant afternoon.

Before marriage she bathed under the heavenly springs;
adorned her neck with the most stupendously scented flowers; to astonishingly take my breath away from its very roots,
While after marriage she kept stubbornly lying like a corpse at one place;
ordering me to snap the flies wandering past her month long unwashed cheeks.

Before marriage she imprisoned me in her breath like the most precious jewel that ever existed; immortally holding me close to her chest as it rose and fell harmoniously; in blissful tandem with the wind,
While after marriage she blew me away like a speck of inconspicuous dirt;
attaching a price tag to my neck for auctioning me in the commercial junkyard.

Before marriage she kept compassionately kissing me till eternity;
igniting dormant infernos in my visage to leap up to the fathomless sky,
While after marriage I made a dash for safer havens with my tail beneath my legs;
as I sighted the entire jugglery of kitchen forks menacingly tighten in her hands.

And Before marriage she made me feel like the King of the Universe;
applauding me insurmountably even for the most blatant blunder that I might have committed,
While after marriage she gave her heart to the stone miserably wailing on the streets;
wholesomely kept me only to convert it specially for her; into a fountain of new life.


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